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Judge Gavel

When we feel responsible for something we did, or something that was done to us - we are suffering with guilt.

There are only two kinds of guilt, and helps to work out which one we're dealing with as there are proven solutions to rid ourselves of both.

Guilt can trap us in to believing that we deserve it.  It lies to us.  It can cripple us.  Guilt and shame are bed-brothers.  They scheme and manipulate us to the point where we turn on ourselves.  We see ourselves in a distorted light.  It's like looking through a murky pond, not being able to see the bottom.

If you are struggling to see clearly; to forgive yourself or to understand how to rid yourself of guilt and/or shame, give me a call. Let's chat about what's really going on. You CAN find healing from your 

guilt.  You CAN set yourself free from it's clutches.

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