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" I did not expect the ongoing and incredibly valuable support that I have received. Through working with Lea, I have become far more confident with dealing with not only the family situation but life in general. She has equipped me with many coping tools and a greater understanding of both myself and the family issues.


Lea has provided me with a number of relevant handouts explaining the various pathways and options available for people with mental illness. She has also lent me books to help me grow as a person. This was one of the many initiatives of Lea.

Thank you for all you have done for me – totally invaluable!


My husband had been diagnosed with Psychotic depression and I was struggling to cope. Thankfully, a friend encouraged me to seek help.  I was put in touch with Lea McDonald who I met initially face-to-face  for counselling and support.


Living in a country area makes it more difficult to access support, so I was able to book Skype sessions with Lea.

I have valued how Lea listens and provides practical advice that helps me care for myself and in turn support my husband.


My wife became very mentally unwell I had just lived through her 2nd psychosis. I really was lost with no help or guidance and limited support from GP’s, thrust into a role I knew nothing about and faced with looking after a very sick person.


Seeing an advertisement, I engaged with a lady called Lea McDonald.  Lea arranged a one-on-one counselling session with me and after our first meeting I walked out thinking "WHY didn’t Mental Health help me like Lea did?"


I really did feel educated,  empowered, supported, when I needed to stand up at the worst low point in my life.  Lea covered every possible path I needed help in. This Lady even advocated for me and my wife when applying for a disability pension. To be completely honest, if it wasn’t for Lea, my life would have spiralled into the abyss. Lea saved my family from complete destruction.


We wish to provide some information about our personal journey with our son who’s mental health has been extremely challenging and the invaluable help we have received from Lea . 

 Our family was in a crisis, as we were losing hope in assisting our son. We were struggling to run our business whilst also trying to  maintain our family structure. Our relationships were fractured, our communication was mostly in negative form, and family relationships were strained to the max.

Once we finally made contact with Lea, we never looked back.  


It was important to us  that Lea could relate to our daily struggles .  Initial meetings  offered us hope and reassurance, as we were mentally and physically exhausted. Through subsequent meetings we were able to improve our mental health and overall quality of life through goal planning and working through strategies supporting our family's needs.

Lea assisted us deal with our emotions, our mental health, working through our guilt and assisted us to repair our relationships.  We cannot imagine where we and our family would be without this help.

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