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Psychology Session

When we feel emotionally dejected with great sadness which is not transitory, (it doesn't go away),  we may be experiencing depression.  

We may lack  motivation, be withdrawn, suffer exhaustion and teariness.  We may feel numb and disconnected. 

Depression is a symptom of something going on inside us, that's unhealthy.  It may be something physical or something emotional.  It's important to find out which is which.  

A simple questionnaire will help us determine whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety and/or stress.

Strategies and treatments are helpful in overcoming depression including Horse Assisted Psychotherapy.  There's plenty of information out there.  You can do this - you can help yourself overcome your sadness. You are stronger than you feel.

Horses are GREAT for helping us heal from depression. 

Call me for a confidential consult.  Let's find out what's really going on for you. 

Horses Helping Humans Heal

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