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Grief and Loss

Grief /Loss
Sad on Couch

Grief is the mental struggle or suffering that we experience through loss or affliction.


It is a sorrow that we cannot shake.  It is a sadness that sits deep in our soul.  It is a maze from which we feel we cannot escape.  It is a position from which we think we must not (or cannot) move if we are to honour the loss.

Soul Sense (Australia) has developed a unique grief model to help you grieve in healthy way, honouring the emotions you may feel whilst finding a way forward to a place of peaceful acceptance.


By learning the steps in this model, you'll tackle the 'spaghetti brain' you feel locked into.  The 'thickness of the atmosphere around you will thin out, and you'll start to understand your struggle.  Most of all, you'll move forward, respecting the process you're going through until you find a 'new way of being'.

If you would like to start the journey towards accepting whatever it is that is causing your grief, give me a call.  I've been through enough of my grief to understand some of the emotions you'll be feeling.

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