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The Equine Team

Lea Tilly kiss 1.png


Tilly is a very sensitive, loving girl.  She picks up on emotions very quickly and provides valuable feedback to her clients.  

Tilly recently experienced her own pain and grief when she lost her much anticipated baby.   We were devastated for her, but I watched her process her grief and was amazed at her resilience.  

Tilly continues to teach me the depth of her love, every day.

When not performing her therapy duties, Tilly enjoys Dressage - working in the arena and bush rides.

Tilly is a Thoroughbred having been with Lea since she was a 3 year old.

 Tilly celebrated her 12th birthday in September 2023


Dusty Rose

Dusty (aka Barbie Girl) is a gentle, very affectionate soul.  She quickly tunes into to whomever she comes in contact and is great at just "being" in her clients company.

Other than therapy work, Dusty enjoys bush-rides and adventures in the great outdoors.  She's not too shabby at barrel racing either!


Dusty is a Quarterhorse x Thoroughbred having been with Lea since she was 4 years old.


Dusty turned 9 in

September 2023



Indy is our newsest member. 

He's spent years helping his previous owner heal after he himself was rescued near death.

Indy is part Brumby, part Percheron with the most beautiful, loving, kind nature.

We are so excited for the depth of compassion Indy brings to the team.

Welcome beautiful boy.




Just Cruzin

Cruz - has been with us just over year now, and came to Lea when her previous therapist emigrated.

Cruz has been working as a therapy co-facilitator for three years and we are so blessed to have this amazing, experienced girl as part of our therapy family.  

Welcome Cruz!


Cruz is a Standard Bred who previously participated in harness racing.



Kingsley is such a dude !  

 Gentle, loving and kind - Kingsley just loves to be groomed.  His one and only occupation is to be a therapy horse, and other than eating everything in sight, Kingsley just chills with his girls  and new buddy Indigo, when not performing his duties.

Oh, did I mention he just looooves kids!


Kingsley is a miniature horse.  We are unsure of his age as he came to Lea as a rescue pony.  

Kingsley's ability to meet his clients where they are, is wonderful to watch. 

He's truly 1-in-a-million. 

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