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Addiction, is when we feel we can't help ourselves from doing something,

and that "something" is causing us harm.  


Addictions come in many different forms such as : co-dependency, substance abuse (tobacco, drugs and alcohol), repetitive behaviours and patterns (OCD), extreme loneliness, gambling, internet gaming, sex, and even coffee and shopping.

If we are struggling with an addiction, we are the only people who can turn it off. 

The journey to healing, starts with acknowledging our dependency and taking one step towards healing and restoration.

IF you feel the time has come, to turn your life around,

contact me for a confidential consultation.


Equine Assisted Therapy can help you deal with your addiction

by highlighting the motivating factors behind your choices and showing you healthy relationship models and how boundaries work.

This can free you from past hurts that are limiting you reaching your full potential. 

I'd love to help you find your own path and walk your healing journey with you.

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